How Online Marketing Standard Drove a Generator Dealer’s Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, success stories that shine are a rarity. Today, we embark on a remarkable journey through a case study that unveils the transformative power of holistic digital marketing strategies.

In just 120 days, Online Marketing Standard (OMS) orchestrated a staggering 300% increase in organic SEO and Local SEO traffic, propelling a standby generator dealer and installer from 1-2 leads per month to a robust 2-4 leads per week, all from organic search alone.

Not stopping there, OMS’s comprehensive approach also ignited a blazing 500% increase in lead acquisition within a mere 30 days through strategic Google Ads Paid Advertising, retargeting, and display advertising.

This is a story of synergy, where SEO, local optimization, and PPC seamlessly came together to drive unparalleled results.

digital marketing case study of a local generator dealer with high organic traffic growth

A Generator Dealer’s Digital Dilemma

The narrative begins with a generator dealer and installer grappling with the age-old challenge of lead generation. In an era dominated by digital presence, the company’s success was riding on more organic traffic, higher search results, and gaining a better conversion rate from pay-per-click advertising.

In a nutshell, their online visibility had a lot left to be desired, allowing potential customers to slip through the cracks. This led to a meager 1-2 leads per month coming from online resources, and the need for a substantial change became undeniable.

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The Holistic Marketing Revolution: A Deeper Dive in Customer Engagement

Online Marketing Standard initiated a holistic marketing transformation that transcended their organic search traffic. Here’s how the digital marketing strategy unfolded:

  • Keyword Alchemy: Armed with cutting-edge tools and industry insights, the OMS team embarked on a deep keyword research expedition where we uncovered hidden gems, long-tail keywords, and high-conversion phrases that tailored perfectly to the client’s generator business.
  • Website Revamp: On-page optimization was executed with surgical precision. Meta titles, descriptions, and header tags were revamped to align with target keywords. Content creation was not only informative but also engaging and conversion-focused.
  • Local Optimization: Recognizing the absolute necessity of local presence to achieve success, Online Marketing Standard optimized the Google Business Profile. This digital storefront makeover ensured the business shone brightly on local searches, drawing in customers from the client’s local target markets.
A local SEO profile to attract web traffic; Part of digital marketing campaigns from OMS

The PPC Paradigm Shift

To further amplify this digital marketing case study, complementing SEO and local optimization was a strategic foray into PPC campaigns, which redefined the game:

  • Strategic Ad Campaigns: Online Marketing Standard crafted laser-focused ad campaigns that honed in on high-intent keywords coupled with strategic targeting in the markets the client wanted to target geographically. Bidding was strategic, ensuring every click was an investment in lead generation.
  • Retargeting: The OMS team didn’t stop at the initial click. We implemented retargeting campaigns to recapture the interest of visitors who hadn’t initially converted. It was a second chance on consumer behavior to win their business; A digital marketing campaign tactic to gain return visitors and inbound phone calls and form submissions which are their two main conversions.
  • Display Advertising: To maximize brand visibility, display ads were strategically placed across relevant websites based on their target audience. This omnipresence ensured the brand was top of mind for potential customers as they surfed around the web, visiting different sites within the Google network of sites.
Search engines showing PPC ads to grow website traffic and obtain new customers for a generator business

The Digital Triumph for a Generator Installer

In the realm of digital marketing, success isn’t a stroke of luck; it’s a result of strategy, innovation, and execution. The journey of Online Marketing Standard with the standby generator client is a testament to the transformative potential of a holistic digital marketing strategy.

This case study serves as a beacon of hope for businesses striving to make their mark in the digital arena. It underscores the power of a well-rounded digital marketing approach, where SEO, local optimization, and PPC synergize to turn a struggling business into a thriving success story. This client’s journey is a resounding testament that, with the right digital partners, the possibilities are limitless in the online business landscape.

If you’re looking for similar results, look no further than Online Marketing Standard, the standby generator & electrician digital marketing experts.

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