How We Can Help Your Business as your Digital Marketing Agency

What are you actually trying to accomplish with your paid campaigns? Are you looking to increase sales immediately? Convert each and every single one of your prospects into a paying customer? Build a dynamic email list? Become your industry’s leading social content provider? All of the above?

SEO, SEM & SMM management is about tailoring services to a business’s actual goals. There’s a lot of meaningless jargon and worthless metrics thrown around these days in the world of search engine marketing. It’s time to ditch all the clutter and focus on what matters, getting you more for less, helping you grow and move ahead, and producing results-oriented strategies that cut through the waste to offer real ROI.

Our team also works diligently to stay ahead of the curve. That means that whenever there’s a new, cutting-edge strategy that can work for your business, we’ll be on top of it. You can be confident you’ll always be benefiting from the latest, proven strategies, and that nothing is being overlooked in the effort to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Sean Bolton

Marketing Consultant Expert

“At Online Marketing Standard, we know there’s an absolutely massive collection of search engine marketing companies out there. That’s why we aim to be different, and to stand out from our competition in order that you stand out from yours. We go the extra mile for our clients, and we’ll deliver real results for you and your business.”

Sean Bolton

OMS Founder

Digital Marketing Management Services We Provide

There’s a wealth of search engine marketing management opportunities, platforms and approaches today. Based upon your goals, we’ll deploy an assortment of them, each fulfilling an individual role to help elevate your overall efforts, the sum becoming greater than the parts thanks to a cohesive multi-pronged approach.

This includes traditional pay-per-click campaigns on Google Ads, as well as Yahoo and Bing, and also their more robust offerings, such as Shopping advertisements, and remarketing campaigns. We can build content discovery campaigns for you on powerful hubs such as Outbrain or Taboola, or help you shine in comparison shopping engines and leading e-commerce and retail platforms. We also tie these paid opportunities to organic strategy via sustained organic search engine optimization and social media marketing.

All of this, and we’re always working on SEM optimization for your campaigns, too. There’s always room for improvement, for increasing click through rates, conversion rates and sales. We’ll always be hard at work tweaking ad copy, improving landing pages, and exploring new opportunities, all so your business continues moving in the right direction.