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Content creation isn’t a one-size-fits-all prospect. Companies have to find a content creation company that can put together a comprehensive campaign that pulls customers in and shows them they can trust the expertise of the business. Online Marketing Standard is an Orlando content creation company that understands the intricacies of adding a local flair to the information your company presents online.

There are several components that come together for a successful online marketing campaign. The team at Online Marketing Standard works closely with you to determine what components you need to utilize for your business.

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Results-Driven Customer Experience

The key to your online marketing strategy is that it must provide a results-driven customer experience. You have to show everyone who visits your website that you know what you’re talking about and they can trust you to provide the services or goods your company sells.

One mistake many companies make with their online presence is thinking they can provide generic information and throw in a few mentions of the location, but this doesn’t prove anything to your customers. Instead, you have to dig deeper so you can show customers they can completely trust you.

A results-driven customer experience goes far beyond just trying to prove to your customers that you deserve their business. Keeping them on your website and having them click through the pages on it can also boost your search engine relevance for the keywords and search phrases that pertain to your business. This can further boost the traffic to the website.

Product descriptions, as well as service descriptions, should let customers know what your company offers. You don’t want to fall into the trap of just listing the features of everything. Instead, you should show your customers how your products and services will help them.

The team at Online Marketing Standard recognizes that the feature-benefit method of writing product descriptions is the most effective way to tell customers what you have to offer. Immersive product descriptions bring the customer and the product or service together before they ever place an order.

Your company’s blog is an excellent way to connect with visitors using fresh and unique content, especially if you’re doing SEO to promote your site and brand. This is the digital space where you can let them know about changes at your company without having to update the entire website. You can also offer suggestions and tips that relate to your business.

The content on your blog should always be unique. You should never pull content from other sites and post it on your blog. The team at Online Marketing Standard understands the importance of relevant and unique blog posts and how they can help e-commerce development and lead acquisition for your business.

Landing pages are the backbone of your company’s website. These pages are typically where people will start when they search for terms related to your company and click on a standard search listing or a PPC listing via Google Ads. It’s imperative these pages have a good balance between relevant content, location-specific information and search phrases for the search engines to pick up while they crawl the internet. Even if you have other pages on your website, the primary landing page or secondary pages should contain all the basic information customers look for to determine if your products or services meet their needs.

Creating landing pages takes considerable work because you have to consider how to present the information in a sales-based way without seeming too pushy. They should be friendly for desktop and mobile devices, as well as being compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. In many cases, the landing page is the first thing potential customers see when they come to your website from a search engine. They’re sometimes the destination that’s in a marketing email.

Emails are often a primary marketing tool for companies, with customers usually signing up to receive the email messages. There are a few ways companies can handle email campaigns, usually determined by the type of business they have and the goals they have for the emails.

Some companies choose to use preset email campaigns that are sent in numerical order regardless of when a person signs up for the campaign. Other companies use time-specific emails that are sent to all customers at the same time, regardless of when the customer signed up for the messages.

Email campaigns must be catchy so customers continue to open the messages as they’re received. It won’t do a company any good to have their emails languish unopened in someone’s inbox. Some customers might even mark irrelevant emails as spam, which could harm the company’s ability to connect with other customers. The professionals at Online Marketing Standard understand the importance of an engaging, dynamic email campaign.

Social media is another effective online marketing option, but it has to be set by the platform. Online Marketing Standard takes the target age group into account when determining where to advertise a company. We also tailor the content to the specific platform of the campaign. In some cases, this means small changes to a base campaign idea.

Comprehensive Conversion Strategies

One of the most important factors in digital marketing solutions is a suitable conversion rate. As Online Marketing Standard works with you to determine the marketing plan that will highlight your business online in the most effective way, our team considers how different digital campaigns can build on each other for conversion optimization.

Now is the best time to revamp your online branding. Our Orlando team is ready to create a digital marketing campaign that shows your current and potential customers that your company is well organized and moving forward to provide optimal service to them. Contact us to learn how our content strategy can amplify your company’s online presence to boost business so you can enjoy more revenue and keep new clients coming in through more leads and sales.

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