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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

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Small Business Marketing in a Digital World

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Believe it or not, social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available online today to attract potential customers with high quality content.

Every single day, there are millions of people logging into social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. Creating and maintaining a social media presence offers the ability for individuals to exchange ideas, share photos and videos, inquire about new job opportunities, write reviews, and like, comment, and share posts from friends, family, and businesses.

The Power of Social Media Marketing for Your Brand

A social media platform such as Facebook has over 2 billion active users in their social network and provides small businesses an amazing opportunity to market goods and services to an untapped market eager to purchase your products or services. Facebook also offers affordable advertising options to enhance post visibility and advertising options for marketing directly to your target audience directly, whether you’re looking to build brand awareness or sell products or services. Targeting options for advertising on the platform include location (perfect for local businesses), age, income, and so much more.

Instagram is a hyper visual platform that requires images and video content in order to gain access to its users which is well in excess of 1 billion users. Like Facebook, Instagram offers advertising options for promoting your products and services to targeted demographics.

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How We Can Help Your Business with Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re operating a pizza shop in Clermont, Florida or a fishing charter in Boston, MA, social media can boost your company’s exposure locally to an eager and motivated audience in and around your local area. However, not all social media platforms are created equal in terms of effectiveness and most require a small monthly budget for promoting your business through social media advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

In the case of Facebook and Instagram, businesses need to first claim their social media accounts and then optimize the social profiles. Once these social media channels are set up and optimized, businesses need to first have a social media strategy in place to ensure a smooth rollout of regular content additions to the profiles (images, videos, static content, memes, etc) that will resonate with their target audience.

A business getting hundreds of new followers from OMS's Social Media Marketing Strategy

The most effective social media marketing tactics your business we’ve seen work for small businesses focused on local client acquisition include using:

  • Inspirational quotes embedded in images
  • Funny memes
  • Images showcasing sales, specials, and limited-time offers
  • Basic content updates
  • Videos

The type of small business you operate, its target demographics and regional considerations will greatly determine what content to use, frequency of content publishing, and promotional strategy your brand should utilize for marketing your emerging business online.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media tools such as SproutSocial (which we use here at Online Marketing Standard) and HootSuite can be very helpful with sending your content to all of your social sites directly. Both services offer content scheduling for easy distribution to your targeted social platforms through their respective social media calendar functions which is beneficial for busy business owners. Both SproutSocial and HootSuite have excellent reputations in the industry and are sure to provide the value you desire from social media management tools.

Social Media Marketing Services We Provide

At Online Marketing Standard, we take the guesswork out of marketing companies online through social media and have helped local businesses consistently acquire new clients and customers for their businesses in all types of industries using proven social media marketing strategies and tactics. Our experience includes working with pawnshops, cleaning services, luxury yacht rentals, fishing charters, lawn care services, spas, healthcare professionals, backup generator dealers, and so many more.

We have a strong track record generating leads from social sites such as:

X a.k.a Twitter

If you’re a small business owner looking for fresh lead generation and unsure where or how to effectively market your products and/or services through the major social media networks, look no further than Online Marketing Standard. We will take the time to understand your business, your goals, target market, key demographics, and tailor a social media marketing strategy best suited to match your needs and desires. Our custom strategy and tactics are unmatched in the industry and are sure to produce the results you’re seeking from a bespoke social media campaign.

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