Small Business Digital Marketing for Home Improvement

The home improvement industry has changed. More and more customers are using the internet to look up information about home improvement companies and the services they provide. If you want your home improvement company to remain profitable, you need to join the digital revolution. Online Marketing Standard has extensive experience using digital marketing strategies to help home improvement companies grow their businesses.

Competition is also fiercer than ever, as new contractors are entering the home improvement industry every day. If you want to grow your business, you need to use digital marketing to connect with consumers in your target audience. Online Marketing Standard can advise you on the best way to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Benefits of Working With a Professional Agency to Grow Your Home Improvement Business

Whether you offer remodeling services or specialize in new construction, there are many benefits to working with a digital marketing agency. Skilled marketers can set you up for digital marketing success, resulting in the following:

Increased Web Traffic

Every time someone visits your website, you have an opportunity to educate them about your services and explain what makes you different from other home improvement businesses. Working with a digital marketing agency helps you increase the number of visitors to your website, giving you more and more chances to generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

Better Lead Quality

The total number of leads you have isn’t as important as the number of qualified leads you have. Highly qualified leads have a sincere interest in your home improvement services and are prepared to make a buying decision. You want to spend most of your time talking to these individuals, not calling wrong numbers or trying to talk uninterested people into getting a quote. A digital marketing agency can help you harness the power of the internet to increase the number of highly qualified home improvement leads you receive.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

When it comes to growing your home improvement company, the search engines are your friend. Every time someone types in a keyword related to home improvement, their search engine looks through billions of pages of content to determine which pages are the most relevant. When someone searches for a home improvement company in your service area, you want your business to show up as close to the top of the rankings as possible.

A digital marketing agency can implement effective SEO strategies to help you use the search engines to your advantage. The higher your rankings, the more clicks you’re likely to get, increasing traffic to your website and giving you even more opportunities to sign new customers. After all, the page that ranks #1 in Google for its target keyword gets nearly 32% of the clicks from users searching for that keyword.

Increased Brand Awareness

Once your search engine optimization strategy pays off, you’ll have more people coming to your website and searching for information about your home improvement business. As a result, your digital marketing strategy increases brand awareness, or the extent to which potential customers are aware of your business and recall some of its key characteristics. Brand awareness is essential for bringing people into your sales funnel and having opportunities to show them why they should choose you for their home improvement needs.

More Online Visibility

The more visible your company is, the easier it is to attract new customers. A digital marketing agency can help you get online reviews, set up paid search ads and use other marketing techniques to make your home improvement company more visible than ever.

Better Conversion Rates

No matter how many marketing strategies you use, you should have one important goal in mind: increasing your conversion rates. In simple terms, conversion rate is the number of users who take a desired action. You may want people who visit your website to request a quote, schedule an estimate or download a guide to planning a remodeling project. If you can convince more people to take this desired action, you’ll have more opportunities to close the sale.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Home Improvement Companies

If you decide to work with a small business digital marketing agency, you’ll have access to a team of experts in marketing, web development, content development and design. They’ll develop a custom digital marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals and ensure you have a steady stream of home improvement leads. Depending on your needs, your agency may recommend some of the following marketing tactics:

  • Digital advertising campaigns: Online advertising uses a combination of text and images to share information about your company and its services. Your marketing agency may even recommend incorporating audio and video to better connect with potential customers who need a wide range of home improvements.
  • Search engine optimization: SEO is what helps you get better search engine results, driving more traffic to your website and giving you more opportunities to connect with people who need home improvement help. Your marketing agency may recommend link building, better on-page optimization, updated content and changes to your site’s structure to help you get better rankings.
  • Local SEO: Local SEO helps you improve your search engine rankings for specific keywords — ones that mention your neighborhood, city or state. “Remodeling contractor in Phoenix” and “home improvement company in Orlando” are examples of keywords with a local emphasis. By targeting these keywords, you have more opportunities to connect with customers who live in your service area.
  • Paid search ads: If you’ve ever noticed sponsored advertisements at the top of your search results pages, you already know how paid search works. While you wait for your SEO campaign to succeed, you can pay for ads to be displayed with search engine results related to your business. Because users tend to click links at the top of the page, these ads can help you drive more traffic to your website.
  • Social Media Marketing & Advertising: Social media is a proven marketing channel for small businesses looking to acquire inbound leads and sales through social interactions on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Images, videos, funny or educational memes, and informative material can all factor into the success of a sustained social media marketing strategy. Advertising options on Facebook and Instagram are also available and highly recommended for maximizing exposure and lead inquiries.