Yahoo & Bing Shopping Advertising

Online Marketing Standard has an expert team ready and waiting to help you reach more interested consumers with highly targeted campaigns through Yahoo and Bing Shopping ads. For e-commerce businesses looking to directly sell products on their websites, this is a proven strategy for increasing sales, and with our assistance, doing so in a careful and cost-effective manner. Learn more about how we can help here.

How We Can Help Your Business with Bing & Yahoo Shopping Campaigns

The world of product display advertising and shopping ads is still being overlooked by many businesses. Further from that, many others are not taking advantage of the Bing and Yahoo platform for that opportunity, either.

By utilizing the Bing Shopping ads platform, your business can directly showcase a product to interested consumers in valuable positioning of a search engine results page. You’ll be able to swiftly go after both desktop and mobile users with targeted, eye-catching advertising and imagery, while capturing more prospects and more platforms, including both Yahoo and Bing. You’ll jump ahead of the clutter of a search result page, moving literally to the front of the line.

Our team of dedicated experts has the firsthand knowledge and experience to ensure the successful creation and ongoing operation of Bing and Yahoo Shopping advertising. We’ll also carefully develop this particular approach to be an important part of the whole, your overall integrated strategy across all platforms, so that you’re always enhancing your presence and never fighting against yourself.

Bing & Yahoo Shopping Ads Services We Provide

Our team can build your Bing and Yahoo shopping campaigns from the ground up. This begins with the proper foundation of keyword research and analysis. For instance, you want to be targeting very specific dialed in searches that closely match a product that you’re selling. You also want to target action and purchase oriented terms, while avoiding phrases indicating more of an interest in information or research.

Ultimately, we’ll help you find the prospects who are purchase ready, and looking precisely for the type of product you sell, then leapfrog the competition to reach them quickly, directly and efficiently.

With continuing Yahoo and Bing Shopping optimization, we’ll also ensure your campaigns continue to improve, and that performance never stagnates. We’ll carefully analyze which products, photos, titles, prices and ad styles all work together to deliver maximum impact and return for you, weeding out what doesn’t work.

We’ll even work to improve your conversions with each visitor by testing and tweaking your landing pages, the checkout process for your store, and all of the myriad factors along the way which impact whether or not somebody ends up making a purchase or walking away.

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