17 Proven Marketing Strategies for Fence Companies You Need to Know

How can your fence company break through the digital noise and stand out in the competitive market? In the world of business today, mastering effective fence company marketing strategies is no longer just an option—it’s a necessity. With the sheer number of fencing companies vying for attention in your service area, harnessing the right marketing mix can make you the first choice for potential customers.

Want to learn the specific ways that work for creating a robust online presence that captures your target audience? We’ll guide you through maximizing digital advertising strategies and ensuring they resonate with your potential customers. 

Many potential customers start a search not even knowing exactly what they need, and great marketing can position you as the perfect solution to answer their questions and be the professional they look to as they buy.

Moreover, while the digital realm offers vast opportunities, traditional marketing tactics and relationship-building shouldn’t be overlooked. By understanding and implementing these methods, your fence company can not only retain loyal customers but also attract a steady influx of new ones. If you’re looking to transform your fence business through effective marketing, this guide is your first step to success.

Key Takeaways

  • Craft a powerful online presence and optimize website design for maximum customer experience.
  • Utilize digital advertising techniques such as Google Ads, social media ads, and email marketing campaigns to increase visibility.
  • Enhance customer experience through providing exceptional service, showcasing testimonials & fostering referrals.

Crafting a Powerful Online Presence

A digital marketing team working on a successful fencing online advertising campaign

A successful fence installation business in the digital era needs to have a strong presence online. To maximize your success, it is important to use search engine optimization (SEO) for your website and create engaging social media content that can be supplemented with various online marketing tools such as Google Ads or email campaigns. These tactics will help boost visibility of fencing services so you’re sure they reach an appropriate audience on both the internet and offline realms of business.

Website Design

Elevate your fencing services by showcasing them on a visually striking, intuitive website. Essential features like educational posts on fence upkeep, snapshots of successful projects, and insightful infographics aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re imperative for anyone seeking your expertise. Fencing is a purchase that consumers and companies alike research before they buy, and your website should immediately build trust that you’ll do the job better than the company down the street.

Ensure your website is streamlined for performance, allowing clients to effortlessly locate what they are searching for and secure your services in a heartbeat. If you make finding information and contacting you easy, you’re not just simplifying; you’re revolutionizing the client experience. Empower your customers with a seamless journey from discovery to purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

In the modern digital era, the power of SEO for businesses, including fencing companies, cannot be understated. To truly harness the potential of online search and ensure your fencing business stands out on search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s crucial to weave robust SEO strategies into your digital plan. An integral component of SEO is creating a website that’s not just visually appealing but also optimized for search engine “crawlers.” These crawlers, or bots, quickly read websites and “score” them to determine their relevance to specific search queries. A website structured with clean code, fast loading times, and mobile responsiveness significantly aids these crawlers in understanding and ranking your site.

Moreover, the content you produce can take potential customers by the hand and lead them to a phone call to you. Rather than just mentioning that you’re a fencing company, it’s essential to integrate relevant keywords seamlessly throughout your content. These keywords act as markers, signaling what your content is about and matching it with what users are searching for. For instance, terms like “durable wooden fences,” “fencing repair services,” or “best fencing contractors near me” might be what your potential customers type into search engines. By understanding and integrating these terms in an organic and meaningful manner, you not only cater to your audience’s specific needs but also boost your company’s visibility on platforms like Google. As more people turn to online search for their needs, having a strong SEO foundation for your fencing company isn’t just recommended; it’s indispensable.

Local SEO can be advantageous as well since it maximizes exposure while targeting prospects who are looking for services within their locality. It’s also worth noting that local SEO typically accounts for nearly 50% of inbound leads for fencing companies.

Social Media Platforms

Social media can be a great way to foster trust with potential customers and display your fencing projects. There are numerous platforms available, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter TikTok or Pinterest, even Nextdoor for local businesses! LinkedIn may also be suitable for commercial clients.

To attract new people to your business it is important that you post regularly on these social sites while giving interesting insights into the work of yours with success stories. Make yourself “real” with customers and share “stories” about team members or customers.

Utilizing Digital Advertising Techniques

Digital marketing Image

Bringing in potential customers and improving brand awareness can be largely attributed to successful fencing businesses thanks to the effective use of digital advertising. Utilizing Google Ads, email marketing campaigns as well as social media promotions helps companies expand their reach by attracting a broader target market towards their fencing services.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an effective marketing strategy to promote fencing services. It allows for targeting of keywords and demographics related to your business, as well as website optimization, text-based ad generation with targeted words, local SEO strategies and keyword bidding, all in order to make the most out of Google Ads campaigns. The average cost-per-click associated with these activities typically hovers around $6.40 per keyword phrase, but varies from market to market depending on what competitors are willing to pay for keywords and clicks.

Social Media Ads

Ads on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram can help you to promote your fencing services, reach prospective customers in your chosen demographic, and increase visibility when people search online. Creating attractive content such as graphics, images and even videos will draw attention and boost the standing of your business on search engines.

To Strengthen public recognition for what you offer, encouraging satisfied clients to write positive reviews about their experiences using platforms like Google or Yelp is a great way to enhance trustworthiness too. Testimonials make great ads!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Emailing gets a bad rap because we all hate spammers and there are just so many extended warranties we can buy. However, emailing can be a powerful tool for engaging potential customers and keeping in touch with satisfied customers. To be successful, use engaging messages that inform your readers of fence installation services you offer, tips related to maintenance and up-to-date industry trends. To make them stand out more don’t forget the value customer testimonies bring with exclusive deals or promos also thrown into the mix. Personalizing emails and attractive subject lines will Boost their effectiveness as well.

Traditional Marketing Tactics

Fence company marketing strategies work in traditional marketing tactics.

Traditional means of advertising like yard signs, vehicle wraps, and direct mail can also contribute to constructing your brand image while engaging local consumers. All these methods in conjunction with the power of technology will be able to extend a business’ reach more extensively. By utilizing all forms of advertisement both on-and off-line effectively, one is sure to benefit greatly when it comes optimizing their own digital marketing efforts for success.

Yard Signs

Displaying yard signs at job sites as an advertisement is a great way to get recognition for your work and service in the local area. This is a great way of getting potential customers’ attention, providing them with contact information about you so they are aware of your services nearby.

Vehicle Wraps

Transform your business trucks into rolling billboards with bright vehicle wraps. Professional designs utilizing vibrant colors, high-resolution images and easy to read words can effectively promote the services of a fence installation company as they travel down the road, making it an effective advertisement approach for any type of fencing enterprise.

Vehicle wraps for your fencing trucks or vans will cost you upwards of $1000, but they can last between five and seven years in most cases.

Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns can be an effective marketing strategy to draw attention to your fencing services and reach out to potential customers who may not have a high level of digital literacy. Expenses for design, copywriting, postage vary from $0.30 – up beyond 10$ per individual piece you send out. Postcard deliver a 100% “open rate” and if done regularly, make them a great option for keeping you top of mind.

Building Strong Relationships and Networking

A fencing business networking with other local businesses

Networking with businesses, attending trade shows and local events can assist in broadening the scope of your brand. Developing relationships with other companies provides opportunities for cooperation, learning from each other and potentially producing leads which reinforces trustworthiness, drives business growth while amplifying market knowledge.

Networking with Other Businesses

Engaging with other regional enterprises, like fence contractors, can create partnerships and referrals that will help expand your company’s reach. Using word-of-mouth as part of effective fence contractor marketing can be beneficial to both businesses involved.

Take advantage by joining local business organizations or connecting through social media platforms in order to build meaningful relationships within the same sector and capitalize on any opportunities presented among other firms locally.

Trade Shows

Visiting trade shows such as FENCETECH and the Biggest Little Trade Show in the West can be beneficial for a business offering fencing services by allowing them to display what they have on offer, engage with prospective customers, as well as stay informed of trends within this sector. Participating in these events offers an opportunity to get acquainted with other professionals working in this area, discover new offerings from different companies involved, plus gain knowledge about latest developments inside of fence industry.

Local Events

Attending local occasions can boost brand recognition and cultivate trust among your community. Networking with the regional chamber of business, sponsoring neighborhood activities, and teaming up with other nearby companies is a great way to build strong ties in your region while forming a great reputation for your fencing enterprise. By partaking in events locally you will have the opportunity to forge relationships with possible clients as well as create connections between businesses within close proximity.

Top Notch Customer Experience

A satisfied customer giving a testimonial for a fencing business

Achieving outstanding customer satisfaction is essential for the success of a fence business. Ways to guarantee happiness with clients include delivering superior service, displaying reviews from past customers and fostering referrals which will ensure repeat custom as well as new recommendations for your company.

Customer Service

Providing outstanding customer service can foster loyalty from your clients and encourage continued business. By being timely with responses, offering helpful advice, and delivering superior products/services it is possible to create a positive experience that encourages repeat customers. Many fence contractors don’t actually follow up with clients to make sure everything is perfect, and a simple call can go a long way to make you a leader and foster a great referral.


By showing customer testimonials on your website and social media outlets, you can cultivate trustworthiness for your fencing business. Ask contented customers to leave reviews via websites such as Google, Trustpilot or MyBuilder.com in order to boost the profile of your company and illustrate the quality of its services.


To enhance your fencing business and acquire new leads, encourage existing happy customers to refer your services. You could consider providing rewards for successful referrals such as discounted rates or gift cards. Such a customer referral program not only strengthens relationships with clients already in place but also supports the overall growth of the enterprise. Referrals are especially powerful in the business fencing area.

Are You Ready?

By capitalizing on effective digital marketing strategies and delivering a top-notch customer experience, your fence company can become the go-to for your area. Incorporating traditional tactics with an online presence and utilizing relationships built through advertisements is sure to help you in making the phone ring and helping customer choose you. Put these proven approaches into practice for maximum success!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I market my fencing business?

In order to promote your fencing business and acquire new customers, consider participating in local events, building a brand identity with social media profiles and SEO optimization for websites. Investing in digital marketing is also an excellent way of increasing visibility as well as getting listed on lead generation sites – don’t forget email and direct mail campaigns too! With such measures you will be able to grow your business while offering discounts along the way.

What is a good profit margin for a fence company?

A fence company should aim for an annual profit between $156,000 and $249,600+ which equates to a 25–40% margin.

What is the outlook for the fencing industry?

Projections for the fencing industry are optimistic, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 5.5% from 2022 to 2030.

Is fencing a good business to start?

Starting a fencing business could be quite lucrative, with potential profits up to $624,000+ per annum.

What are some effective online marketing tools for a fencing business?

For a successful online marketing plan for a fencing business, incorporating the advantages of social media platforms, email advertising and optimizing SEO can help you interact with potential customers. Utilizing these powerful tools can be beneficial in boosting sales by driving brand awareness to your business.

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