Online Marketing Standard, the #1 electrician and standby generator marketing agency in the US, is thrilled to announce our partnership with B.P. Logue, a premier Generac Generator dealer in Chelmsford, MA, and a trusted provider in Middlesex County. This partnership aims to boost B.P. Logue’s online footprint through a strategic website overhaul and targeted SEO, Local SEO, and Google Ads, enhancing their online visibility and driving more customer engagement and sales for their Generac Generator solutions.

About B.P. Logue

Since 1993, B.P. Logue has been a cornerstone in Chelmsford, specializing in Generac standby generator installations, maintenance, and repairs. Their team of experts is committed to ensuring reliable power solutions for both residential and commercial needs. As a certified Generac installer and service provider, B.P. Logue is recognized for its expertise and dedication to quality, offering tailored power solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. With a focus on exceptional customer service and a deep understanding of the local power requirements, B.P. Logue has established itself as the go-to authority for Generac generators in the region.

For more information about B.P. Logue’s services or to request a quote, please call B.P. Logue at (978) 251-4433 or visit their website at

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