SEO for Generac Generator Dealers & Installers

If you’re operating a Generac generator dealership or are an electrician doing Generac installations and looking for ways to get more business online, look no further than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to shore up interest, leads, and bottom-line sales for your business.

SEO consists of two pieces of online real estate that need to be captured in order to fully capitalize on your online presence.

a Generac standby generator dealer greeting a customer that found them online through OMS' SEO strategies

1) Organic SEO

The first and most commonly recognized form of SEO is known as natural/organic/earned SEO. This type of search result dates back to the beginning of search engines and appear as “standard” search results.

Optimizing your Generac Generator site for organic search placement requires several areas you’ll want to focus your efforts to get in the good graces of Google in particular.


A SERP example showcasing the power of keywords and positioning, something OMS can leverage through SEO

Primary Areas of SEO Focus for Your Generac Generator Business

  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt tags
  • Content (more content = more search engine visibility)
  • Internal Linking (linking from page to page within your site)
  • Inbound Linking (acquiring links from other sites that link back to yours)
  • Site Speed/Page Speed (very important for mobile SEO in particular)
  • Headers (H1, H2, H3, etc.)

  • Footers
  • Canonicals
  • URL Naming
  • Redirects (301’s, 302’s, etc)
  • Robots.txt
  • Navigation/Layout
  • Calls-to-Action Placement
  • Social Signals (linking back to your site pages from social profiles including social media posts)
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The above laundry list of items may seem like a daunting set of tasks to tackle and we would agree. However, you can’t do effective organic SEO without covering all of the above optimization techniques to address search engine algorithms such as Google’s which is very complex and dynamic in nature.

Other than covering your bases with periodic updates to coding (titles, metas, h1’s, etc), the three most important areas you should focus on regularly (weekly and monthly) are to build out new pages in the form of blog posts and articles, creating new landing pages to target additional services (think “Generac Generator Service”, “Generac Generator Maintenance”, “Generac Generator Installation”, etc. and ongoing link development activities to amplify your ranking potential for your most important phrases.

Fundamentally, it’s important to fully map out your site BEFORE you start doing SEO. Our advice would be to create a content calendar and put it in play to ensure you can regularly create content for your Generac business for people to source your content when they’re proactively looking for information via search engines.

Here’s a generic example of a content calendar:


  • Month 1: “Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Generac Generator”
  • Month 2: “Generac vs. Kohler Backup Generators”
  • Month 3: “How to Size an Automatic Backup Generator For My Home”
  • Month 4: “Prepare Your Home For Winter With a Generac Generator”
  • Month 5: “How to Service a Generac Backup Generator”
  • Month 6: “Fuel Types & Applications For Generac Generators”

The above content calendar is very basic, but should get your creative juices flowing to start mapping out your content marketing (blog/article/landing page) strategy.

Due to the competitive nature of marketing Generac products, we suggest creating content units of 500+ words per page for landing pages and 750+ words per page for authoritative blog posts and articles.

2) Local SEO

Google Business Profile / Google Local / Google Maps

The second type of search result has become as common as a household tv which is known in our industry as Google My Business.

Generac dealers and installers alike oftentimes only offer their services in a specific market or radius of their physical location which makes local SEO a top priority to pull in local traffic and conversions from people in their immediate vicinity.

In the case of Google My Business, several areas need to be evaluated and optimized to maximize your business presence in the prized “three-pack” which we’ve highlighted below:

A Local Map Pack of verified Generac Dealers in Florida & an OMS client in the #1 position

If your business addresses the above organic SEO and local SEO strategically and “above board” in terms of practices, your Generac business can realize unbelievable amounts of inbound site traffic, phone calls, and form submissions of homeowners, commercial, and industrial businesses interested in your products and services. In fact, our Generator dealer clients have seen their businesses grow by 50% on average with some of them seeing over 300% growth within the first year of doing digital marketing!

If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed with how to execute the above or simply don’t have the time to do it on your own, contact Online Marketing Standard today for a free, no-obligation consultation and let’s see if there’s a fit. We have over 10 years of experience promoting Generac generator businesses online and have NEVER lost a client due to poor performance.

For local SEO, here are the main areas dealers and installers should evaluate and optimize to maximize their exposure in Google Maps:

  • The Name of the Business (it should be the legal name of the listing)
  • An accurate address
  • A local phone number that is unique to the location
  • An email address that is official and checked regularly
  • A link to the main website
  • An SEO optimized description
  • Primary category that describes the business with at least one category being Google sanctioned
  • Office hours of operation
  • Payments accepted
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Additional Details (fully customizable)
  • Regularly contributing content to the profile such as special offers, blog posts, limited time offers, etc.
  • Ongoing citation building (listings on other directory style sites such as Yelp, Merchant Circle, Superpages, Citysearch, etc)

Clients that have benefited from our SEO & Generac Marketing Services

Audit Your Website’s SEO Now!
Enter the URL of your homepage, or any page on your site to get a report of how it performs in about 30 seconds.

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