The future is here: Unlimited Reminders has partnered with Online Marketing Standard (OMS) to promote their automated appointment reminder software to the masses via SEO and PPC. 

About Unlimited Reminders

Unlimited Reminders is an appointment reminder software that can help you and your team reduce no-shows up to 90%. The days of waiting around for patients who either forgot about their appointment or didn’t bother to reschedule are over. You’ll no longer be forced to lose time and revenue thanks to something entirely out of your control. 

It’s not only great for providers – Unlimited Reminders is handy for busy patients, too. Things can get hectic and appointments are easily forgettable – we’re only human. Unlimited Reminders makes sure patients are where they need to be at the right time, every time. 

Their program integrates seamlessly with Office Hours Professional, Medisoft, and Lytec – no matter the formatting of your interface, they’ll find a way to make the software work for you. 

Unlimited Reminders offer flat-rate pricing, unlimited reminders, bulk calls, bulk text messages, post-appointment messages, text reminders, call reminders, email reminders, custom messages, and discounted pricing – for all types of businesses and facilities across the United States. You can’t get much better than that. 

Whether you’re in a medical center, an office, or a venue, Unlimited Reminders can help you reduce empty booking slots and increase operational efficiency. Their HIPAA-compliant system is easy to program, has a clean, well-designed interface and never forgets to send out appointment reminders!

Online Marketing Standard

Online Marketing Standard (OMS) is a digital marketing agency that will spread Unlimited Reminders’ helpful message to the world. 

OMS has taken the time to understand Unlimited Reminders’ business and goals, and we’re working together as partners to create and execute a strategy that works to meet business objectives.

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