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Google is known for making major algorithm updates that come out of nowhere and shakes up the search results. As with everything in life, there are winners (those who gained rankings) and losers (those who lost them).

What Google is not known for is using a megaphone weeks and months in advance to alert webmasters to a major algorithm update such as what they’re about to roll out in May, 2021, its “Core Web Vitals” algorithm update.

Core Web Vitals (CWV) includes multiple variables and was introduced earlier this year as an upcoming major update at Google that will no doubt register high on the richter scale in terms of search placement volatility. The main components of CWV are designed to measure how users experience the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a page. Google will use these metrics as organic ranking signals to identify high-quality pages that provide an excellent user experience.

Based on the fact we are not WordPress experts when it comes to increasing page load times, we hunted far and wide to source a company that could provide us with better mobile and desktop scores to address the upcoming update at Google.

After careful review, we decided to go with a WordPress maintenance service company, WP SitePlan, who said they would make our scores soar into the “90s” in both mobile and desktop… and they were right!

Before WP SitePlan:

After WP SitePlan Page Speed Optimization:

In anticipation of this update, it made perfect sense to employ the WordPress page speed optimization professionals at WP SitePlan. Their onboarding process was a breeze and at $50/month for their page speed services it was a no brainer.

If you’re concerned about your own WordPress page speed scores, here are the tools we used to run the before and after tests:

Google PageSpeed Test

GT Metrix

Not only did WP SitePlan’s page speed services improve our page speed score in both desktop and mobile environments, it will also ensure our site will be met with a warm embrace when Google launches its CWV update. The increased speed also has the potential to improve conversion rates since users will have a much faster browsing experience when using the site.

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