Google Product Listing Advertising Campaigns

Is your business taking advantage of Google product listing ads?

Google Shopping campaigns, also known as sponsored product listing advertisements, are dynamic, effective ways to immediately find consumers interested in making a purchase of one of your products. It’s an often overlooked PPC strategy to deliver targeted customers to e-commerce websites.

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How We Can Help Your Business with Google Product Listing Advertising

If you’ve personally made a search for a specific product in Google recently, then you may have seen a listing of products for sale right at the top of the results. This offers an immediate platform to reach out to someone with a real interest in making a purchase.

With Google product listing advertising, you’re essentially able to leap over the organic results and all the other clutter that comes with a typical search result, and showcase an image and price for your product, enticing interested consumers to visit you directly.

As a company with a proven track record with Google product listing ads management, we’re able to offer you swift, cost-efficient results with this strategy.

It’s all about carefully choosing the correct keywords to target and how best to display your corresponding products. With a great match there, your chances of completing a conversion and producing a sale are quite high, and those are the results we’re focused on providing. For instance, a search for “baseball gloves” is entirely vague, but “youth size catcher’s mitts” offers the opportunity to display a perfect match, with a search phrase that is geared towards purchasing.

Google Product Listing Ads Services We Provide

Online Marketing Standard will create, manage, and optimize a campaign for your business with Google Shopping advertisements. We’ll fine-tune your campaigns, so that you get the most out of every dollar spent as possible.

This can be accomplished through a variety of methods. The correct keywords must be targeted, which is the starting place for any effective Google product listings ads optimization effort. You want to provide a very specific matching product to a very specific query, so that the individuals viewing your ads are definitely interested in what’s being displayed.

Further optimization efforts include streamlining and improving the landing page and the checkout process, displaying the correct form of ad in terms of photograph, product title, price, ratings, and so forth, and taking advantage of the browsing and purchase decision process, by appropriately remarketing as necessary to close that loop once and for all.

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