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Online Marketing Standard offers Google Ads campaign optimization and management services to take your pay per click efforts to the next level.

Whether you’re brand new to paid advertising online, or your company needs to readjust due to poor performance, we’ll put the right strategies into place to enable you to succeed today, tomorrow, and far into the future. Learn more about our Ads services and how we can help you starting today.

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How We Can Help Your Business with Google Ads Campaign Management

Google Ads can either be the quick track to results — immediate sales, more clients and prospects, ongoing results each day — or it can be a costly landmine. The unfortunate truth is that many individuals who provide Google Ads management services, whether it’s an internal team member, or someone you hired, are ill-equipped to truly deliver the best possible returns.

You’ll end up spending the most per click just to get to number 1, whether or not that’s even the right keyword to be ranking for. You’ll waste clicks on individuals who aren’t real high-level prospects, or by sending those prospects to the wrong page of your website, or making it difficult for them to actually take the action you want them to take.

We stand out from the competition with a team of dedicated experts at your disposal. We’re Google Ads Certified, which means you can confidently trust in our capabilities, and that we’re utilizing the latest best practices, and proven methods for delivering to you the results you’re seeking.

Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve, from quick online product sales, to growing a list of prospects, increasing free trials for an online service, or anything else, we’ll get you there. We’ll make the most of your monthly budget so that it stretches farther and more efficiently than you thought was possible.

Google Ads Services We Provide

Our team provides a full range of Google Ads management services. This includes researching the correct keywords to utilize for your campaigns and the right demographic to target, writing actionable, results-oriented ad copy, building a robust, diverse and cohesive campaign, or multiple campaigns, ongoing testing and Ads optimization services, landing page design and optimization, bidding strategies, conversion tracking and improvement, and much more.

There are also many opportunities within Google Ads that often go underutilized or entirely avoided by businesses, missing out on potentially invaluable ways to effectively reach consumers. This includes display and remarketing campaigns, mobile advertising, product listing ads, call tracking, and much more. We’ll help you explore each of these and put the right strategies in place that make the most sense for your business specifically.

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